• Girth Gear

  • Mill Gear Inspections Utilizing the E2905 method our girth gear specialist team provides comprehensive girth gear risk assessments and can make asset management recommendations when need, helping our customers make informed condition based decisions. The total time to clean & inspect a large 40’ SAG mill gear is under 8 hours.

  • Girth Gear Specialist Team includes an gear engineering specialist who conducts gear inspections based and on the inspection recommendations outlined in the annex of AGMA 6014-B15. Including a visual tooth condition assessment based on AGMA 1010-F14.

  • Girth gear cleaning program is in compliance with ASTM E2905 and AGMA 919-1-A14; Condition Monitoring. Safely cleaning a 40’ diameter SAG mill gear under production takes approximately 1 hour.

  • Crack in root that could not be visualizedCrack in root that could not be visualizedUtilizing our program dramatically increases the chances of detecting cracks like this.

  • Failed Gear Tooth illustrating the importance of inspectionsFailed Gear Tooth illustrating the importance of inspections
    It can also help minimize the chance of failures like these.

Our experienced and qualified technicians make Global the choice for third party inspections.

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