Global Gear has hands on experience and industry specific knowledge from working with some of the world's largest ball / AG / SAG mill drives, and kiln / dryer transmissions driven by gears over 40 feet in diameter.

Our Girth Gear Specialist Team includes an gear engineering specialist who conducts gear inspections based and on the inspection recommendations outlined in the annex of AGMA 6014-B15. Including a visual tooth condition assessment based on AGMA 1010-F14. 

Our Assessment will provide the customer with a complete non-destructive test of the integrity of the mill gear teeth using Eddy Current Array and ACFM in accordance with ASTM E2905. It also includes an engineering assessment of the failure modes present, if any, their severity, and how these might impact the operational function of the mill. Our assessments include a conditional probability of failure analysis to aid in the decision of whether to replace, flip, or continue running a particular gear set.

Girth Gear Cleaning Program is in compliance with ASTM E2905 and AGMA 919-1-A14. Global uses Cleansolv HF EP for excellent results. Safely cleaning a 40’ diameter SAG mill gear under production takes approximately 1 hour. Excellent for removing contamination and lubrication buildup in the root of gear teeth and allows for a complete visual inspection as per AGMA 1010-F14.

The total time to clean and inspect a 12m gear set is under 8 hours. 

Gear Engineering Services

  • Pre-gear flip inspection and qualification plans.
  • Damage Assessment and Mitigation: If critical tooth damage is identified, established risk mitigation strategies can be implemented onsite during the inspection.
  • Gearing Procurement: We offer design, rating and procurement support for gears and pinions. 
  • Installation Oversight: Oversight of installation crews including assembly, alignment, backlash/root clearance, and running contact checks.
  • Third Party Quality Assessment Audits; Full FMEA Audits.
  • Mapping mill shell thickness using our Rapid Scan technology.  
  • Asset Management: Utilizing our inspection program with a RCM based maintenance analysis we can assist sites with optimizing their inspection practices, intervals, sparing strategies, in combination with insurance spend. 
  • Lubrication Assessments.
  • Full advanced NDE Services. Advanced crack detection technology without removing coatings.

Physical Asset Management

Looking for physical asset management solutions for girth gears, mobile mining equipment, crushing, power generation, oil & gas, and structural engineering? Visit our new website Global Physical Asset Management.

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Using E2905, discontinuities cannot be missed. The gear flank and root are scanned in one pass.

Electronic reports that can be archived for future reference. Recognized in AGMA 919-1-A14 as an accepted method for gear inspection.

Our experienced and qualified technicians make Global the choice for third party inspections.

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